LEAKED: Fanny’s official “Husband Daycare” schedule

From: thenorthbaybay.ca staff

North Bay’s only gentleman’s club announced on July 30th the opening on their new Husband Daycare.

And The North Bay Bay has the schedule.

Our Fanny’s insider sent us this Top Secret Fanny’s Husband Daycare itinerary which we are presenting without comment.

The leaked two page document details what husbands left at the Fanny’s Daycare will be doing. Activities include crafts, show and tell, and a robust mathematics curriculum.

We will update this story as it spreads, unfurls, twirls, spins, tips, and unfolds.

The document reads:



8am – Husbands arrive. Snacks served.

(ants on a log and whatever used to be in the vending machine)

8:30am – Happy Beginnings Massage Hour.

8:35am – Clean up.

9:00am – Pole dancing lessons w/ Bambi.

9:15am – Emergency First Aid Course.

10:00am- “Sticky Fingers Snack Break”

10:15am – TV Time w/ Bill Nye the Science Guy

11:00am – Special Toy Show and Tell

12:00pm – Lunch provided by Between the Buns.

1:00pm – Math.

2:15pm – Snacks served between the buns.

2:40pm – Nap time!

3:00pm – “Wiggles + Giggles” Free-Range Crafts!

3:15pm – Advanced Math

3:45pm – Story time

(note to self: don’t let Agnes tell stories – don’t want to scare husbands)

4:00pm – Happy Hands Hour!

4:55pm – Clean up

5:00pm – 6:00pm – Wives pick up husbands. Husbands not picked up put on VIP Booth cleanup duty.

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