Introducing North Bay Bay+

From: staff

You’ve asked for it, and we’ve heard!

Introducing North Bay Bay+ !

We want to personally thank you for all the incredible comments, shares, and (most importantly) ad revenue you’ve given us these last three years. So as a thank you, we’re setting up an exclusive V.I.P. section of the site that we’ll charge you money to access.

That’s right! For just $9.99 a month, you can experience exclusive stories, photos, and OnlyFans-grade videos from The North Bay Bay!

Don’t worry though – all of The North Bay Bay’s hard-hitting local content will always be free. North Bay Bay+ will just allow us to collect a lot more money, because we lied about the ad revenue – it literally makes us $5 a month and this site costs $200 a year just to host.

But that’s not all your recurring, $9.99/month subscription will do: it will also give us enough money to hire a proof-reader! We won’t hire one, though. We’re 100% going to drink all the money you send us.

As a faithful, smart, incredibly talented and beautiful/handsome North Bay Bay+ member, you’ll not only get exclusive articles, pics, and vids, but we’ll also enter you into a monthly for some fresh vegetable soup which we’ll cook up and deliver directly into your mailbox (container extra)!

So why not sign up today? You’ve always been a great freeloading friend to The North Bay Bay, but we’d really like for you to be more of a very eager step-brother or step-sister to The North Bay Bay because we’ve watched a lot of internet videos and now that’s kind of our fetish.

Take the plunge! Sign up for a North Bay Bay+ today and discover all the incredible content we’ve been keeping from all those other worthless peasants!


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