Hood Punchers gang “biggest threat in the city”

From: Jennifer Hanson, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — Constable Rob McCarron has been an officer with the North Bay Police Services for 12 years, and he has never seen anything like the “Hood Punchers.”

“The ‘Hood Punchers’ are the most viscous gang in North Bay, hands down,” says McCarron. “They don’t care about anyone or their cars.”

McCarron explains that the “Punchers” are a group of thugs who have been travelling around North Bay physically assaulting vehicles.

“They don’t discriminate. Accord, Corolla, Jetta, beloved 2003 Crown Vic with all-leather interior… the ‘Hood Punchers’ will punch anyone’s car.”

A recent report of a vehicular assault on Algonquin Ave. is only “the tip of the iceberg” when it comes to the dreaded Hood Punchers, says McCarron.

“The gang started when someone got a taste for punching cars at a demolition derby in Powassan. Since then they’ve been recruiting – even taking members from nearby gangs so that they can punch more and more cars.”

In December of 2017, the “Hood Punchers” started a gang war with the “Doom Civics,” a group of Honda Civic drivers who often linger outside the Cassells St. Tim Hortons.

“It was a massacre. Dented hoods, broken side mirrors, cratered in trunks. What few Doom Civics were left then joined the Hood Punchers, leading to some terrifying car-on-car gang violence.”

Driving Onwards

And it may still get worse, warns McCarron.

“We’ve seen some evidence that the dreaded ‘House Rammers’ are making a push into North Bay. If they do, not only will our cars get dented, but we’ll constantly be at risk of having our houses and apartment run into with transport trucks.”

So what can North Bay do to fight against these ruthless roving hood-lums?

“All the members of the ‘Hood Punchers’ are men in their early to late twenties, and all of them have scruffy beards. If you know anyone who fits this criteria, punch them right in the grill.”

Does that mean the grill of their car, or their face?

“I leave that up to the puncher. Either way, it’s sweet justice served.”

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