Health Unit concerned Tokyo Smoke might divert teenage customers from The Beer Store

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY —  With the March opening date set for Tokyo Smoke (North Bay’s first Cannabis Retail location) potheads and casual cannabis users rejoice at the opportunity to stroll into their neighbourhood retailer and walk away with some cannabis… legally.

But the Health Unit is looking to force Tokyo Smoke to move from its current spot inside the Nipissing Plaza to another location.

“What we are concerned about is the proximity of Tokyo Smoke to the Beer Store,” explains Public Relations Manager Cathy Bing. “We’re just scared that the in its current location, Tokyo Smoke will entice teenage customers who would normally be buying perfectly safe alcohol to instead purchase some very dangerous cannabis.”

Tokyo Smoke, like the Beer Store, requires all customers to be 19 years or older, but “high school students have been known to circumvent such restrictions” explains Bing.

“Now with the introduction of a cannabis retail location so close to an alcohol retail location, teens with fake IDs and creepy older brothers are going split their hard earned wages between traditional alcoholic beverages and the non-traditional, totally not teenager-used intoxicant that is cannabis.”

Cannabis Connoisseur Weighs In

Local cannabis connoisseur Chandler Danes sees only “rampant hypocrisy.”

“There’s nothing wrong here,” explains Danes. “There is a Beer Store ACROSS the parking lot from Tokyo Smoke. There’s a vape shop NEXT to Tokyo Smoke. There is alcohol sold in the Metro three doors down from Tokyo Smoke. There’s a bar at the far side of the parking lot from Tokyo Smoke. There’s an LCBO a couple of blocks away from Tokyo Smoke!”

“If [the Health Unit’s] issue is with kids getting their hands on something that will get them loaded, then how come they’ve never said anything about the half a dozen places within walking distance of West Ferris that sell alcohol?”

Danes sighs.

“Whatever.  Really, it’s a non-issue. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my sister’s friend just gave me $30 to buy her a case of Smirnoff Ice and I would hate to let her down.”

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