Happy New Year’s!

From: thenorthbaybay.ca staff

Oh, the humanity!

Hello North Bay! We hope you’re enjoying the holidays and getting some much deserved time off to relax and recharge.

Thanks to your support, The North Bay Bay published 141 articles, 7 “Bite of the Bay” retrospectives, 2 shorts films, and 1 house listing in 2020. We also found out whose pizza North Bay loves best. #sorrytoppers

A big thank you to everyone who read, shared, and commented on our articles and videos this past year. Your feedback is the only thing that keeps The North Bay Bay going because no one here is getting paid. Except the raccoon intern – we have to pay him or he starts biting and the hospital ran out of rabies shots two weeks ago.

Here’s to another year of satire and bad photoshops.

Yours truly,

The North Bay Bay

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