New Hallmark movie is about racial and cultural tensions in an increasingly radicalised world

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY – The Hallmark Channel is coming to North Bay to shoot a hard-hitting, racially driven drama.

The network has cast Kennard Wash (“The Christmas Dance”), Marylyn Jephson (“The Christmas Place”), and Juliana Öman (“The Dance at the Christmas Place”) in its upcoming movie “Tide Turning.”

“The movie is a critical look at the cultural tensions which are seeping deeper and deeper into suburbia,” explains local coordinator Tyan Loivokoski.

“This intense, intelligent, and truly needed examination of—”

Loivokoski breaks down.

“Oh God, who am I kidding?,” sobs Loivokoski. “It’s about someone who marries their childhood sweetheart and rediscovers a love of Christmas.”

Local Landmarks

“Tide Turning” will premiere during The Hallmark Channel’s annual Countdown to Christmas programming event.

“It’s three straight weeks of non-stop Christmas movies,” wails Loivokoski. “It’s Hell on Earth and some people actually pay to watch it!”

Film aficionados will be delighted to see local North Bay landmarks throughout the movie, including 1135 Cassells, Cheffy’s, and that one shopping cart that has become part of the ground on McNamara street.

“Please, make it stop,” pleads Loivokoski. “Give us something else – anything else. I’d even take another ‘Colony’ movie at this point!”

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