New Gross Haggis Market not sitting well with locals

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY — Charles McCulloch knows that haggis isn’t for everyone, but he never expected the reaction he’s gotten from North Bay.

“Aye, we ainlie moved in tae th’ shop twa weeks ago,” says McCulloch, “’n’ we’ve awready git hundreds o’ complaints!”

Charles McCulloch, who moved into the former Bavarian Meats location on Wallace Road, is a huge fan of haggis and wants to share it with North Bay.

“It doon’t seem likely tha, whit wi’ fowk complaining aboot th’ reek nicht ‘n’ day!”

Stomach the Welcome

“We ainlie juist git th’ sign fur th’ hain up on t’ weekend,” explains McCullock. “A’m hoping it’ll hulp, bit fowk juist wilnae dry thair eens aboot it.”

“Ainlie guid thing is th’ wee dugs aroond ‘ere juist loue us ‘n’ oor haggis.”

Still, McCullock is hopeful that people will come around to haggis and its many smells. Then, Charles is looking to expand into other foods.

“Aye, ah wis thinking aboot mibbie giein’ auld fish a chance wi’ a ‘reheated fish’ merkat.”

“If that doon’t win North Bay ower then tha lot ken awa n’ bile thair rhedis.”

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