“Put the fighting back in!” – Group against integrity in politics

From: Willie Sobaks, thenorthbaybay.ca intern

Greater North Lake Lake – “The Greater North Lake Lake Neighbourhood Facebook Group” (GNLLFG), along with the “Friends of Impeaching the North Lake Lake Mayor Stuart Camino” (formerly known as the “Elect Stuart Camino Alliance), are ready to go to battle over a report recommending that integrity be encouraged in municipal politics.

The arena for this particular fight is on an online forum comprised of the GNLLFG administrators, a neighbour, and a disgruntled municipal employee.

In preparation, community members gathered online and “liked” each other’s posts and musings. The most liked items were articles concerning computer security, gardening tips, Donald Trump memes and “facts” concerning Covid-19.

“I can’t believe that anyone would encourage integrity in politics,” reads one post. “What sort of snowflake wants this sh!# to be civil? Bring back fighting and enforcers!”

Citizens Against Integrity

Elsewhere, members advised one another to “not take it anymore” and to “stand up for their rights” – though it is unclear what those rights might be or how they were being abused.

“We are sick of the endless stream of lawsuits we are initiating,” reads another post. “When will the gravy train ever end?”

Others continued to rail against Greater North Lake Lake’s duly elected Mayor Stuart Camino, who agreed with the report encouraging political integrity.

“The people of North Lake Lake deserve better than Camino,” writes another user. “Except the bad people of North Lake Lake, who are not like the good people of North Lake Lake. They don’t deserve sh!#.”

“Bring back fighting and enforcers!”

The group is currently in negotiation with the Ontario Ombudsman over online meetings purportedly being held online.

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