Greco’s assures everyone that they are nowhere close to running out of thinly sliced ham

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY — Take a layer of dough, some classic tomato pizza sauce, the finest mozzarella north of Powassan and top it with ham? Perfecto.

After celebrating half a century in business last year, Greco’s has a message for everyone: we are nowhere close to running out of tiny sliced bits of ham.

In a time where everything seems unsure, Stacy and Tyler Trotter – owners of the famous North Bay pizzeria – are getting the word out that they are more than prepared to keep people fed.

The Sliced Ham Solution

“We look at companies running out of this or running out of that,” says Stacy Trotter. “But we can assure you that we aren’t even close to running out of the tiny little bits of sliced ham we put on everything.”

As people are turning to takeout and delivery, Greco’s is doing their “darndest” to look out for their customers by using tap payments, in store distancing, and contactless delivery.

“Their contactless delivery is great,” writes one Facebook reviewer. “It was like Ding-Dong-Ditch, but instead of getting pranked, I got food (and a lighter wallet).”

No Dish Left Ham-less

“Will we run out of the flour to make the dough?” questions Tyler. “Or the cows to make the cheese? We can’t know the future. But one thing we do know is that we won’t ever run out of those little bits of thinly sliced ham.”

“We put it on our pizza. We put it in our salads. We can put it on ice cream. There is no limit to how we can use these wafer thin ham splinters!”

Tyler leans in and whispers.

“Not to brag, but ah… you know, we actually have a Scrooge McDuck-sized sliced ham vault down in the basement.”

Happily Ham Fisted

For some fresh and local food make sure to order from Greco’s.

Who knows, you might get some pizza with an extra box of expertly shaved razor-thin sliced ham, too!

“Sometimes, at night…” explains an unprompted Tyler Trotter. “I put on a full body latex suit and just swim around in the ham slices.”

“Sure, it’s not the same as swimming naked in the ham, but these days we are committed to taking the extra steps needed to keep things sanitary.”

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