New “Grannies Love Balls!” event ready to roll

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY – Blues Guy Bingo is organizing a week-long event for a very special cause.

“We are very proud to announce a new 7 day event to help raise money for testicular cancer research,” announces Reg Powell, founder of Blues Guy Bingo. “Over the first full week of October we will be launching our new bingo hall theme – ‘Grannies Love Balls!’”

The event, which will see local players yell “I LOVE BALLS!” instead of “Bingo!” is being run to raise $69 000.

“We’re hoping that the community will come together and show that they love balls just as much as the grannies do.”

Sharing 100% of the Load

Blues Guy Bingo will be donating an unprecedented 100% of all the proceeds to testicular cancer research. There will be regular “Balls” sessions happening throughout the week, with extra short spurts added in between the regular ones.

“The event must sound too good to be true, because people keep asking us if we’re really serious,” laughs Powell. “I assure you that we are very serious about ‘Grannies Love Balls.’ It’s why we’re all in to help with proceeds.”

“To keep proceeds high, we’ve told our workers that they won’t be paid and are expected to work overtime. They had issues at first, but when we explained that if they refused then they must want testicular cancer to continue and are therefore horrible people they got a bit more understanding.”

Getting the Balls Rolling

Reg Powell says the idea already has local support.

“We’ve had many sponsors come forward,” beams Powell. “Wackman Records is sponsoring one day. Grande Tiger is sponsoring another.”

“And this one company I’ve never heard of called Sensual Whips and Leather is sponsoring two straight days themselves. Must be like a cowboy type of company.  Well, whoever they are, we love that they are helping us reach our goal of $69 000!”

Grannies Love Balls will be running from October 7th to October 13th. Check the website at

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