[Sponsored] Film starring giant man beaver complete

From: thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — “Ghost Beaver Kick,” a movie about a man who turns into some kind of giant beaver-like animal, is done.

The film stars local actors Leah Hardy, Adam Newton, Haralambi Aphrodisios, and Michael Braam, one of which is almost certainly a made up name.

According to the director, “Ghost Beaver Kick” takes place in northern Ontario in the year 2098. Sometime before 2098 the Earth and Moon were connected together with a giant space magnet.

Now the title character (Ghost Beaver Kick) will team up with his half human, half robot, half cyborg friend named Sigma (Leah Hardy) and a tiny beaver named Mr. Maples (Haralambi Aphrodisios) in an attempt to fix everything. Together, the three travel to Toronto to stop the world from exploding or catching fire or something. We might have forgot the details.

“Ghost Beaver Kick” has a website here and a Facebook page here. There is an official event page here.

The 40 minute short film is premiering at The White Water Gallery on Main St. next Saturday, March 2nd. There will be two showings, a bar to help with the showings, and a photobooth. The New Ontario Brewing Company is sponsoring the event, so that’s kinda cool. Doors open at 6:30pm, and the showings are at 7pm and 9pm. All ages welcome.

Admission is a monetary donation of choice.

The filmmakers paid us $20 for this article though, so hopefully they at least make it back.

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