‘Get Quick, Rich’ program helping keep North Bay’s wealthy fit

From: Darren D. MacDonald, thenorthbaybay.ca

NORTH BAY — Working out. It’s a thing that doctors told me I should do.

To other people, it’s part of their everyday life. It’s part of their routine. For others still, it’s difficult. A real upward climb to becoming or staying physically fit.

But local “Fitness Guru” Jason Stolz wants to change that. Stolz is using his skills to provide his services to those who need it the most: rich people.

Jason Stolz is a highly qualified personal trainer, but after years of struggling to find a consistent client-base he had found no luck. That’s when he got an idea that could turn his career around.

“I was in a rut,” says Stolz. “My only client was my lawyer, and it was mostly a tit-for-tat situation. I helped him stay fit, and he helped me stay out of jail on public indecency charges. But it wasn’t enough, so I went to the drawing board. I thought – ‘who is out of shape?’ And then it occurred to me: fat cats. Rich people. I mean, why call them ‘fat cats’ if they aren’t fat?”

“So then I thought: what do rich people want? Like anyone else, to be insanely fit and to get chicks. That’s when I came up with the ‘Get Quick, Rich’ program. It’s all based around getting them to run faster.”

“I could have got them to lift weights, but getting them to run faster seemed like an easier task.”

Developing the Program

Stolz believes developing a workout program with a clear end goal is best.

“‘Getting quick’ is an easy task, because it’s all subjective,” says Stolz. “I figure if I constantly undersell my rich client’s progress, then I can easily get rich clients to stay with me longer.”

“It’s perfect. Rich people get fit, I get money, and then they can show up all of their rich fat friends in events like tennis or charity runs. We all know charity runs are competitive, so if you’re the one that can come in first, then you win, and then you get the money raised or something like that.”

Stolz is currently looking for clients, and says pricing will change on a case-by-case basis, with charges based on things like current fitness, current investments and income bracket. Stolz is meeting clients at the little alleyway beside TD, and outside of the North Bay Superior Court of Justice.

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