Get A Golden Can, Tour A Local Brewery!

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY – A whimsy-filled and wonderful tour of a beloved company is the stuff movies are made of, and New Ontario Brewing wants to make it real.

“Our location has settled, and our workers have nestled,” begins New Ontario Brewery owner Cordelia Collywobbles.

“One lucky customer to find our clue – If found our business to view! One glorious golden can! A happy hoppy search has began!”

The brewery has launched a city-wide “Search for the Golden Can!” campaign.

The Golden Can

Drinkers will note that every can of New Ontario’s brew look identical from the outside, but a single can distributed in the city is coated with actual gold inside.

“Our large distilleries and floors you can observe, seeing how it’s made is what you deserve,” teases Collywobbles in a sing-song voice.

“With the knowledge hidden, gathering, PARAMOUNTING! We might show the office of Glenn in accounting.”

A Hop Away

So check the inside of every New Ontario can, because the next one could just be your golden ticket to seeing the magic of how it’s all made.

“But it won’t be like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory,” explains Collywobbles, breaking their whimsical rhyme pattern. “That place was just one giant CanOSH violation.”

“It’ll mostly be, like, a couple of big vats and an explanation of how hops and yeast work.”

“Glenn says there’s a 99.8% chance no one is going to die in a tube.”

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