Casino Owners Concerned North Bay Gamblers Might Turn To Crypto, NFTs

From: George Waye, community contributor

NORTH BAY — The ownership group behind Cascades Casino – set to open on Pinewood Park Drive – is worried that local gamblers may turn to crypto and NFTs to satisfy their gambling bug.

“In 2020, nobody even knew what an NFT was and now they make up an increasing chunk of the legalized gambling market”, says Chad Martin, a spokesperson for Cascades ownership group.

“In 2020, there was only maybe 10 and a half cryptocurrencies with significant trading, even if you count Dogecoin which was an obvious troll. Today, that number is three to four times that. We’re very concerned that gamblers are turning to blockchain and not losing all their money locally.”


Though Cascades remains worried about this continued trend, Martin says they have plans to take advantage of gambler’s interest in both the blockchain gambling technologies.

“We plan to have a few slot machines that pay out in NFT images of local landmarks like the toilet bowl City Hall, a Timmies covered in shadflies, and that house on Cassells Street.”

“We are working in partnership with local photographer Garrett Campbell to create those images. We also plan to replace betting chips at all our table games with a new cryptocurrency that fluctuates wildly throughout the day so that customers can essentially gamble while they gamble.”


The Casino is still taking submissions for a name for their new cryptocurrency, but so far the winning submission is to call it The 69 Cent Dollar That Might Be Worth More Or Less Than That, in homage to a Chamber Of Commerce program from the early 90’s.

“The name is a little chunky”, says Martin, “but it reminds residents of the past and the younger kids seem to like it too. They keep saying ‘nice’ every time I bring it up”.

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