Area Group Looks To Save Reputation Of Freedom Convoy By Yelling At Mall Employees

From: George Waye, community contributor

NORTH BAY — After a few PR setbacks last weekend, several supporters of the Freedom Convoy are looking to rehabilitate the image of the protests by going to Northgate Square and harassing store employees.

The organizers expect “hundreds” of supporters to descend on Northgate with cell phones to record each other making a 20 year old working her second job to pay rent cry.  

It wasn’t that long ago that the anti-mandate group divided the community over whether it is appropriate to harass children, but Freedom Alliance member Chad Lameroux says that nothing brings a community together faster than being mean to minimum wage college kids.

“We got off on the wrong foot, I think, with several city residents when we were shouting at and harassing young children at the vaccine clinics a few months back. We just want to say to those who were offended that we hear you, we’ve listened, and now we will shout at people at least ten years older.”

Bathroom Etiquette

Lameroux says that to avoid “last weekend’s mistakes.”all participants have been briefed on how to properly relieve themselves in public spaces.

“We fully expect that the protesters will use washrooms while there” Lameroux said “but we aren’t taking any chances and have asked a few of them to bring Antifa t-shirts just in case we need a cover story.”

The Ultimate Goal

The goal, says Lameroux, is to get as many underpaid mall employees to bend to their will as possible.

“Just because stores have internal policies and there are government health laws, doesn’t mean that these powerless workers can’t have the final say. If we shout at them loud enough and refuse to be polite, I’m sure they’ll get on board.”

Asked why his group isn’t getting in Doug Ford’s face to belittle and harass him for the policies the mall employees are merely enforcing, Lameroux offered two reasons.

“First and foremost, Ford is in Toronto and it is very hard for many of our members to get down there and harass him.”

“Secondly, have you seen that guy? He’s a full-grown adult! We’re determined, not crazy.”

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