Group looking to replace Lee Park Airplane with Freedom Convoy Transport

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY – The Lee Park airplane’s days may be numbered.

Jim “Beastman” Douglas is spearheading a local campaign that would see the replacement of the CF-100 “Canuck” on display at Lee Park with a transport truck.

“Not just any transport,” explains Douglas. “One of the brave trucks that is in Ottawa right now fighting for the freedom of every real Canadian!”

If his pitch to City Council is successful, Douglas would have the transport, sans trailer, placed on the cement pedestal where a CF-100 jet is currently resting.

“It would be a huge improvement,” smiles the Beastman.

“The CF-100 fighter jet is ostensibly a symbol of war, which means it stands for pain, devastation, strife, tragedy, and disease.”

“Unlike their horrific monument of aerial death, our convoy transport will be a shining symbol of freedom, peace, and unity.”

“Also, it’ll have a totally bitchin’ ‘Grim Reaper’ paint job.”

Scrolling Demands

Along with the Freedom Convoy transport, Douglas says that he and his group would also like to install a scrolling LED sign.

“It would mostly display the Freedom Convoy’s most recent demands,” explains Douglas.

“No more vaccine passports and mandates to start. Free CBs and Yeti cups next. Then a call for hotter lot lizards.”

“Finally reasonable time off between long hauls and better infrastructure in remote locations.”

“But only after we get hotter lot lizards.”

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