Forgette taking his WiFi and going home

From: Darren D. MacDonald,

NORTH BAY — After his recent loss at the polls, former Deputy Mayor Sheldon Forgette has had enough. He has packed up his free city WiFi and is heading home.  

An official statement from Forgette posted on The Computer Doctors website states that the plan for free WiFi in downtown North Bay “was never long term.”

“The plan was always a get in, get what we needed, and get out. Like a disgruntled man shopping for a gift on Christmas Eve.”

While there are some who view having free WiFi for any length of time as a positive, most of the comments on Facebook view the WiFi removal differently.

“It’s not right!  They take away what should be a basic human right!” reads a comment from Jacob Lee-Cameron.

“Now what am I going to use to check when the bus will show up, or watch porn while I wait?” says Frank Hammett

“Watch the latest movies! Black Panther, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and other blockbusters at\69sfvafgwuv89sc/no-virus-here” says one user who requested to remain anonymous.

Statement from Sheldon

Early Saturday, Sheldon Forgette made a statement outside of City Hall to clear up some misinformation about the WiFi Park.

“I think people need to see this for what it was: a temporary set up. It was a short casual fling. We can both do better. With an operating cost of about $70 a month it didn’t require much on our end, but I just didn’t feel like this was a relationship I wanted to stay in. I’m more Netflix n Chill, North Bay, and you’re more, you know what I mean?”

While the WiFi park might have been short lived, the City of North Bay has told citizens not to rule out other WiFi parks. Potential sites include a WiFi splash pad and a new WiFi Horse Carousel, and if the setup is not provided with Computer Doctors then it will be with someone more open to settling down.

“It just wasn’t worth it,” concluded Forgette. “But know what would make running the WiFi Park worth it?  $200 000 a year!?


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