Don Rennick FOI request accidentally proves the existence of aliens

From: Josie Beamish, intern

NORTH BAY — Noted municipal critic Don Rennick was treated to an entirely different kind of disclosure after what can only be described as a massive filing error stemming from a recent Freedom of Information Act request

Rennick, who has been forced to file FOI requests to get any kind of response from North Bay City Hall, claims he wanted more details regarding the city’s controversial 2015 CAO appointment– but got far more than he bargained for.

The Truth Is Out There

Instead of information related to the CAO, Rennick was treated to boxes upon boxes of declassified documents from The Department of National Defence that detailed both military and civilian encounters with Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (formerly known as Unidentified Flying Objects) dating back to 1954.

“Once again, the city has managed to sidestep my attempts at uncovering what’s really going on behind closed doors,” wrote Rennick in an angry social media post.

Despite obtaining documented proof of UAPs from the Canadian Government, something many UAP Disclosure groups have lobbied for unsuccessfully over the years, Rennick was less than impressed by the documents.

“It’s all flying lights here, alien abductions there, but nothing, NOTHING about the CAO!”

In an ironic twist that was not lost on Rennick, the documents received were actually less redacted than those he’s received from City Hall.

Trust No One

While his efforts thus far have dredged up nothing related to the CAO controversy, Rennick was hopeful there might still be something in the remaining boxes that could prove useful.

“There’s a whole folder labelled ‘LIZARD PEOPLE’ that I haven’t gone through yet,” frowns Rennick. “Who knows, maybe there’s an imposter lurking in our midst.”

When asked about the mix-up, The Department of National Defence released the following response:

“The Department of National Defence can neither confirm nor deny the existence of Mr. Rennick. It’s entirely possible the recent sightings of this ‘Don Rennick’ were simply a misidentified weather balloon, swamp gas, or perhaps the planet Venus.”

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