Vic Fedeli sign posted across Kate Pace Way has clotheslined 63 bicyclists and counting

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY – A 3 foot wide “Re-Elect Vic Fedeli” sign posted directly across the Kate Pace Way clotheslined its 63rd bicyclist this morning.

The reinforced sign, which is firmly anchored into the ground, has proven more than a match for dozens of cyclists, a handful of runners, and one weirdo on a unicycle.

“I don’t know if Vic intentionally ordered it to be double-strong and posted across the lane,” says eyewitness Susan Morris. “But I’d like to think so.”

Morris deftly unfurls a folding chair and takes a bag of gummy bears out of her coat. She sits across from the sign and begins to wait.

“I’m here for it.”

More Sign Spotted

The Fedeli sign, well greased by the 63 faces that have smashed into it, still stands around a sharp bend on the Kate Pace Way.

Elsewhere, a seemingly impenetrable “Vote Vrebosch” placard is blocking off the entrance to the Northgate Square bathrooms and is recommending Mr. Pancho’s Extra Spicy Camarones Cucarachos.

Not to be outdone, a colossal Erika Lougheed sign has been spotted hovering ominously over Lake Nipissing while emitting a low hum, though its true intentions are unknown.

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