“Fear for Your Life Fitness” keeping people fit – and scared

From: Darren D. MacDonald, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — The warm months are coming and people are wondering how they will get back into shape after not only the winter but other unfortunate events.

Luckily local fitness group “Life Fitness” has everyone covered.

“Life Fitness is set on making sure that we can get our people back up into a healthy life,” says founder Jeff Martin. “We are doing this with our new ‘Fear for Your Life Fitness’ series of events.”

You’re Doing Me a Frighten

Fear for Your Life Fitness is a series of events in which interested participants gather at Thompson Park to meet motivational trainers who will later chase after them with chainsaws, machetes, and various sharp objects.

“We want to get the community really involved,” explains Martin.

“There will be a ‘Fear For Your Life Fitness’ Facebook group where we will ask questions as the events go on, like: ‘Should we sell $1 Lemonade?,’ or, ‘What sharp item would hurt more to get stabbed with?’”

“It’s all about building a community.”

Lawn of the Dead

While the start of the season is still up in the air, Life Fitness has no plans on slowing down once they start.

There will be a special Halloween event where Life Fitness will turn their motivational trainers into real life zombies who will literally eat your brains if they catch you.

“We will be keeping everyone informed over on our ‘Fear for Your Life Fitness’ Facebook page,” smiles Martin. “We look forward to our first event. Nothing makes the pounds burn off like the sweating the sweat of fear!”

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