Fanny’s declared a “Heritage Property”

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY — Fanny’s, the long-running adult entertainment club, has been named a “Heritage Property.”

The move comes after City Councillor Vic Tikus brought forth the proposal Monday evening, which Council passed unanimously.

“It’s a great day for North Bay,” says Tikus. “It’s a great day for the City, it’s a great day for Fanny’s, and it’s a great day for myself, personally.”

“I think I’ll draw some twenties and celebrate tonight.”

Under the Ontario Heritage Act, cities, municipalities, and townships can “pass by-laws to designate properties of cultural heritage value or interest.”

“And let me tell you” breathes an enthused Tikus. “Fanny’s is both valuable and interesting!”

A Firm, Raised Landmark

Established in 1997, Fanny’s has “always been a North Bay landmark” says operator BJ Corneal.

“The city really only has three landmarks: The Quints Museum (which they keep moving), The Gateway Arch (which leads to nothing), and Fanny’s.”

“People always know they’ve come home to North Bay when they see the big bright butts of Fanny’s!”

Councillor Tikus agrees.

“This extraordinary action will safeguard this important cultural and historical landmark, guaranteeing its existence for the benefit of future citizens (18 and older only).”

Tikus says Fanny’s has given much to North Bay.

“Without Fanny’s, I can think of at least a dozen young women who would not have made it through college, and hundreds of men who would have left the city out of boredom. Not only has this fine, proud institution been entertaining men and women for decades, it has also been investing in their education and future.”

“Fanny’s truly encapsulates the pure spirit of North Bay.”

A Big Fanny’s Thank You

“I want to thank the City of North Bay for passing this by-law,” says BJ Corneal. “So thank you from myself, Cherry, Vixen, Bambi, Melissa, Shona, Brandy, Amber, Crystal, Angel, Candy, Raven, Star, Destiny, Lexi, Roxi, Boxi, Trixie, Devon, and Beulah!”

“And remember: it’s ‘Thirsty Thursday,’ so all beer is just $4.00, we’re giving away a mini- fridge, and there will be 18 beautiful women just waiting to show you their own ‘Heritage Properties.'”

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