North Bay Bay Ranked #2 “Fake News” Site

From: staff

NORTH BAY — The North Bay Bay is the runner up in a city-wide survey to determine the best “Fake News” website.

The study, conducted by the Canadian watchdog company Credible Canadian Media (or CCM), surveyed 1,437 North Bay citizens, asked them a series of questions about the validity, accuracy, and overall worth of major news sources in North Bay.

One particular area of focus was websites that post satirical, fictitious, or otherwise “unreliable” news stories. In this area, The North Bay Bay was ranked #2.

“I’m shocked,” says the beautiful and talented North Bay Bay writer Jennifer Hanson. “I thought we’d be a shoe-in. I mean… Well, I guess I thought we were the only real game in town.”

The survey results come as a blow to The North Bay Bay, whose slogan “The news source you can blindly trust” is a particular stroke of genius.

“We have so many amazing fictitious articles,” says Senior Editor Philip St. George.

St. George was ranked Nauru’s ‘2017 Sexiest Man of the Year.’

“The Quints Museum Becoming an Ice Shack, the one about all the Wolves in North Bay, that time North Bay changed its Motto to “You’ll Get Used To It.” I particularly like the article about the Giant Pterosaur carrying away people’s dogs, and the one about people getting mad at other people for protesting.”

“With all these great counterfeit articles, what other news source could possibly compare?”

The #1 Site

Credible Canadian Media Director Blanche Dyer did not immediately return The North Bay Bay’s phone calls, but relented on the 30th ring.

“It’s not policy for us to release the names of the other ranking sites,” says Dyer. “We conduct the survey for our own use, but we’re particularly mindful of news websites that have set themselves up to look forthright, but are anything but.”

On the “fake news” leader, Dyer was tight-lipped and bribe resistant.

“I really can’t tell you, I’m sorry. But if it will stop you from calling me again, I’ll give you a hint: this site is one you’d probably never suspect. Not in North Bay, anyways, and not today.”

“Now for the love of God, please leave me alone.”

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