Exposé: The Secret Burger World Club Sandwich Club

From: thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — Burger World, the delicious bedrock on which North Bay rests, has a secret Club Sandwich Club.

“The Burger World Club Sandwich Club” has featured a hidden menu with a fluctuating selection of “exotic and otherwise unusual” club sandwiches since 1993.

The menu is available only to fully-fledged Club Sandwich Club members who know a secret password.

Our informant, who insisted they be referred to only as “Kristy The Hunter,” provided The North Bay Bay with a mouthwatering look into the “Burger World Club Sandwich Club.”

“Each month the club features at least one, if not two or three exotic meats in their Secret Club Sandwich Club,” says Kristy The Hunter. “I can’t tell you about all the meats we’ve used this year due to some pending legal issues, but I can tell you we got very creative with things like swordfish, ostrich, elk, alligator, and llama.”

“We also had a great time finding new ways to spice up racoon after the fighting club got shut down last year.”

No Pain, No Grain

Being granted access to the Club Sandwich Club is a privilege given to few. New initiates are only approached after the secretive Club reaches a consensus, with frequent Burger World patrons often being forerunners.

Then, once the new Club Sandwich Club initiate is contacted, they have only three hours to decide. If they refuse, all communication is cut off and the Club is never mentioned again.

If they accept, initiates are tested to their exotic meat eating limits before becoming full-fledged members.

“They start small, with easy to find, less consumed meats like deer, moose, bison, and squirrel,” explains Kristy The Hunter. “Then, the meats get increasingly curious and exotic.”

“If the new recruit makes it through three months of extensive review and exotic meat tasting and hand in a twelve page essay, they are then made official Burger World Club Sandwich Club Members.”

Meating Up

One of the newest recruits, who calls themselves “Megan The Johnson,” invited The North Bay Bay to sit down with her in a secluded corner of the Algonquin Ave. location for a sampling of a Secret Burger World Club Sandwich Club sandwich.

“Yeah, so I’m 80% sure this is rhinoceros,” says Megan The Johnson through a mouth full of savoury club. “I’ve never had rhinoceros, but I’m guessing rhino because it tastes like a mix of elephant and armadillo, which were both meats I had last month.”

Does eating mysterious meats make Megan nervous?

“Naw, I’ll eat anything,” says Megan. “Rhinos, elephants, baby sharks– you name it. But I swear to God if they put a pickle on one of my sandwiches again, I’m quitting the club.”

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