Spring Inspires North Bay Entrepreneur to Make Dog Doodoo Candles

From: Darren D. MacDonald, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — Spring is right around the corner: snow is melting, the ground is thawing, and shoes are getting soaked. 

This spring a North Bay business owner is doing a thing.

“I love this time of year!” smiles Lorenzo Proto, owner of local candle making business Burn in Smell. “There are so many interesting smells, and I want to exploit every last one for money.”

The Smells of North Bay

The new line of candles include classic North Bay smells like Soggy Leaves, Salty Car Exhaust and Thawing Dog Doodoo

While these smells only last for a couple of months naturally, the “Simply North Bay” line makes each smell readily available to the fine people of North Bay all year round.

“Yes, those are the smells, but we are going to ‘zhuzh’ each smell up a by giving their candle a cool name,” explains Proto.

“Instead of Soggy Leaves Smell it’ll be ‘Essence of Nature.’ Instead of Salty Car Exhaust it’ll be ‘Highway Breeze.’  Instead of Thawing Dog Doodoo it’ll be ‘Flourishing Fecal Fragrance.’”

“It is classy, it is authentic, it is… Simply North Bay.”

‘Simply North Bay’ can be bought through the Burn In Smell website or from that grey van that sits on the far side of the Walmart parking lot overnight.

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