Dozens “pinned alive” as part of new North Bay Museum exhibit

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY – “Butterflies are so last century – what people want are people.”

So says North Bay Museum curator Jessica Seaver as she stands near what appears to be a skateboarder impaled on a gigantic 6 foot needle.

“Welcome to our newest exhibit: ‘Pinned History!’”

Everything and Everyone

From May 23rd to June 24th, everyone is invited to visit The North Bay Museum to see dozens of “unique specimens.”

“We’ve got everything from businessmen to paper carriers to that dog that kept peeing in the AC around back,” smiles Seaver. “And we’re adding new exhibits every day!”

But is it safe to attend the exhibit?

“I’d say you’ve got a 1 in 6 chance of being skewered as you approach the museum. Please tell everyone we’re offering family tickets packs to make up for it.”


“Some people have asked us ‘why’” says Seaver. “Why? Why?! WHY?!”

“Well, the project application justified the exhibit by explaining it was visual representation of North Bay’s bizarre refusal to adapt to changing times – so much so that the city is slowly becoming a living artefact.”

“But really, I just had all these big pins, a real strong arm, and a high vantage point.”

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