Dog in pants assaults man on lawn

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY — Layton Morce was enjoying a hard-earned beer on his 1st Avenue lawn Tuesday evening when he was suddenly and brutally accosted.

“I had my favourite lawn chair out and was sitting in my yard,” says Morce. “Just waiting for some good-looking gir– er, just sitting. All of a sudden, I feel this hot breath on my leg.”

That breath belonged to an unidentified dog wearing a pair of lightly coloured jeans with a “noticeable” hole in the crotch.

“Before I even have time to put down my beer he’s on me,” continues Morce. “Just going to town.”

Attempts to shoo away the animal were unsuccessful.

“He was persistent. I kept telling him to ‘get off! get off!’ and now I’m thinking that was some poor word choice.”

Police are investigating the assault. The suspect is described as being about 43, with brown hair and a medium build, sporting a pair of ripped blue jeans. He is also a dog.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call North Bay Police Services.

“What I want to know is how he got those jeans on,” says Morce. “And why there was a hole in the crotch.”

Layton says he’s now hesitant to sit outside.

“For sure. I’m not comfortable on my lawn anymore. I’ll have to get my wife to mow it from now on.”

“Breaks my heart, that.”

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