David Dino White celebrates new album by buying a live dinosaur

From: Philip St. George, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY – Friends of David Dino White are expressing concern after the musician bought an 18 foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex.

“I can 100% confirm we were in no way prepared for an 18 foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex,” says friend and party host Lina Booth.

“I don’t even know how the hell David got that thing in here.”

White attended a small house party Friday evening to celebrate his new album “Staycation,” but shortly after arriving his 6 ton dinosaur wreaked havoc – eating most of the guests and making a general mess of the upholstery.

“It was good to see him,” says fan and party goer Riley Major. “And because his dinosaur killed so many people, Dave made it up to the survivors by giving out free toques.”

“I got a red one, though I think it might have been grey originally.”

T-Rex Tour

David Dino White says he has several shows lined up across the province to promote “Staycation.”

“I’m calling it the ‘Double Dino’ tour,” smiles White. “I’m going to ride Waffles around the province.”

Going on tour “benefits both of us” says White.

“Waffles is still a baby, so I’m trying to make sure she gets a lot of exercise and fresh food so that she can grow. Visiting clubs will help a lot with that.”

David says he should be easy to spot on the road.

“Just look for the man sitting on the back of a lumbering, prehistoric death machine,” says White. “Don’t get too close though – Waffles sees most cars as either threats or mates and the outcome for both is about the same.”

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