City tries to remember if “Cory Marks” is actually a thing

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY — The release of a new track by local country singer Cory Marks has the city collectively trying to remember if he’s a thing.

“On the one hand I feel I should be very proud,” says North Bayite Ash Scrivens. “But on the other hand I have absolutely no idea who that is or what they’re doing.”

Everyday citizen Jody Bain agrees.

“I’m not sure who or what Cory Marks is. Like, is that a person, or a band? Is it ‘Cory Marks’ like ‘Ben Folds Five’ in that Cory is marking something, or..?”

Local superfan Dax Headley says that North Bay should be ashamed for not knowing more about Marks.

“Cory has worked so hard to get to where he is,” laments Headley. “The least North Bay can do is give him a star on Main St., name an arena after him, and erect a golden statue in his honour. Someday word will get out, and North Bay will be full of Marksists just like me!”

Other Musical Exports

But that day may never come, says a still confused Jody Bain.

“Like, I know Lights went to school here for a bit, and we had High Holy Days for a little while too. Remember High Holy Days? Man, we loved those guys.”

“I’m sure Marks will do just fine,” concludes Bain. “But for now, I’m pretty pumped about this new country singer named Cory Marquardt. I think he’s got what it takes.”

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