Cop Helps Dog: A Feel Good North Bay Story

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY – Not very often do we hear news that is uplifting, but today we’re happy to present a local, homegrown, feel good North Bay story to cap off your week.

Yesterday, a North Bay police officer stepped up their game and helped someone in need.

That someone was a dog named Duke.

“Duke is a bit of a rough dog, but he’s got a kind heart,” says Duke’s owner George Wilson. “He just loves everyone… Sometimes, too much.”

Kids in the neighbourhood know this. When they walk by Duke, Duke will greet them at the fence with vicious barks and snarls. But the kids know its love.

On Thursday, Duke met a new friend: Jake. Duke wanted to meet him, but couldn’t because of the fence.

A Helping Hand

That’s when a police officer saw what was going on.

“Duke wanted out,” says Officer Ray Wilkins. “How could anyone say no to a face like that?”

“So, I let him out of his fenced in area. He was just so happy! He was just barking and biting… Duke loves bites.”

Jake was later brought to the North Bay Regional Health Centre with serious lacerations and blood loss – but the loving bond that was made that day will never be forgotten.

“Any day where Duke makes a friend is a good day,” says Wilkins. “Because he’s a chihuahua, people generally don’t like him, but he’s a sweetheart.”

In a world of politics, natural disasters, and mass shootings, it’s nice to hear a simple little story of a dog and a cop working together.

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