City sword sales skyrocketing

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

If you had told Mac Durklas that he would be the owner and operator of a booming business 3 months ago, he would have laughed.

“Three months ago I was just a guy with a pile of metal and a forge,” says Durklas. “I was making swords for fun. Now, it feels like I’m forging a blade for every able-bodied man and woman in North Bay.”

Following a string of drug busts and physical confrontations in the city, sword sales have skyrocketed.

“People just feel more secure with a good sabre by the door.”

North Blades

Mac Durklas’s business, “North Blades,” sells “daggers, swords, and blades of all shapes and sizes.”

So who’s buying them?

People like Art Chester, who describes himself as “a happy customer and proud owner of a North Blade.”

“I heard there was a lady on Gorman Street sleeping with a bat for protection,” explains Chester. “And I thought: ‘well damn, that’s one well-trained bat, but what’s one little bat going to do against a burglar?””

“Not much, I’d warrant. Not nearly as much as my 7 foot Zweihänder will, anyhow.”

Chester says he got the idea to buy a sword from several North Bay “neighbourhood watch” groups.

“Seems like every day they’re telling people to arm themselves with deadly weapons, so I thought – why not?”

“I’d rather heave an 18 pound greatblade and hew a man’s skull in four than have him steal the change out of my car.”

“Knife life, baby!”

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