City selling new premium tablecloths for $173.84 (plus HST)

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY — The City of North Bay has begun an “exciting new initiative” by offering “premium” tablecloths at City Hall.

“These new, high quality tablecloths are going to be all the rage,” says City Councillor Vic Tikus. “They all have a cool, unique, never-before seen green and blue design on them that includes some sleek, circular patterns, big blue dots, and some little green squares. It’s very chic.”

Early reviews are pouring in.

“I’m not going to lie – they look suspiciously like several North Bay flags cut up and sloppily stitched together,” says tablecloth enthusiast Rhiannon Don. “But I got mine for free so I would say good things so , um… it’s pretty big?”

The tablecloths are made of a 2-ply, 100% spun polyester material, which makes them water resistant, sun resistant, and helps them fly freely in a light breeze.

The cloths measure 72″ by 144″ in size, which is about twice the size of a regular, full-sized flag.

“That last part isn’t important,” says Councillor Tikus. “Please don’t publish that.”

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