City Councillor caught doing Facebook Q&A while on toilet

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY — With City Hall closed to most, and many City Councillors in isolation, access to North Bay’s governing body has been severely limited.

Fortunately, many Councillors have been using technology to reach out and interact with the city.

In an effort to better communicate with everyone, Councillor Scott Robertson has taken to going live on Facebook and talking with people directly.

Robertson has used his internet presence to set him apart, claiming that his open online meetings have made him “more presentable and more approachable.”

Not to be outdone, fellow Councillor Grey Terrence recently ramped up his social media presence by creating live streaming Q&A’s on Facebook.

But Terrence’s Q&A periods have raised concerns from several citizens.

Grey’s Anatomy

“I get that he is connecting with us, but his choice of locations are just weird,” says Social Media specialist Jen Gladu. “He first live streamed while in sitting in the bath, then he live streamed lying in bed with just a towel on.”

While some people are weirded out by the places where Terrence Facebook Live Q&A’s from, others are applauding this move.

“He’s holding nothing back: there’s no front, there’s no act, this is 100% Grey Terrence!” says supporter Jack Downie.

“He’s hiding nothing in his presentation – that’s his bed, and that’s his wife sleeping next to him. It shows authenticity.”

From the Throne

Good or bad, this new trend of Live Streaming could be here to stay, giving citizens access to their council members in a way never before seen.

“Oh God, he just went live on Facebook, and I think he’s on the toilet,” exclaims Gladu as the sounds of flushing can be heard on the live stream.

“This is the most embarrassing thing since Mark King live streamed from that golden throne he had built during the federal election.”

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