City Council to mint 200 new coins

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY —┬áCity Council voted today to commission the creation of just over 200 coins that commemorate defining moments in the city’s history.

“It’s a 100% original idea” says Councillor Vic Tikus. “We thought of it on our own and it’s ours.”

Tikus, who spearheaded the campaign, says the coins will “either show defining moments or showcase iconic parts of North Bay.”

The silver-coloured coins will be minted in batches of 1000 and then sold to residents.

“They’re collectors items, like those Pokemon cards or bottle caps or whatever. Anyways, with over 200 special North Bay History coins, people will have to spend– er, will have to really watch for the right ones!”

Tikus was tight-lipped about exactly what would appear on the new pieces, but Council did release the titles of the first ten coins.

They are:

“Canadore College goes on strike”
“Snow plows crashing in winter”
“Population Exodus”
“Target opens!”
“Target closes”
“4% tax increase”
“Why is everyone leaving?!”
“Snow funds have run out”
“The men’s bathroom at Fanny’s”
“The North Bay Waterfront”

North Bay coin collectors can expect the new pieces to come out in early February, with a price tag of $3.95 CAD a coin.

“If every resident bought just one coin, that would be an extra $197 000 dollars into the city’s coffers,” announced Tikus to a rapt City Council. “And that’s the kind of money that we can use to bring Trooper back to Summer in the Park.”

“God I love Trooper.”

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