City Council cancels tourism campaign

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY — City Council announced today it would be scrapping its latest tourism campaign.

The “Expose Yourself to North Bay’s Beaches” campaign, aimed at encouraging outsiders to travel to North Bay to experience its many beaches and waterfronts, was cancelled Saturday.

Molly Helms, the Council’s nervous summer intern, called a meeting outside City Hall.

“The Council thinks, um…” Molly started, rather poorly. “Well, they think it’s a bad slogan. They— uh, I mean I, I really messed up and I’m so, so sorry.”

No explanation was given as to why “Expose Yourself to North Bay’s Beaches” was scrapped. North Bay has over 40 beach access areas, including Birchaven Cove, Olmsted Beach, and Marathon Beach. Why not have them all fully and completely exposed?

“We, uh, I, er… No further questions,” Molly stumbled.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time City Council has abolished a campaign. Last year’s operation entitled “Cut into North Bay,” which would have involved tours of Nipissing University and The North Bay Regional Health Centre, was cancelled after only one week.

But there is still hope for more tourist interest.

City Council announced today that it would be sponsoring a new campaign called “Stop in North Bay!”

“Stop in North Bay” involves the conversion of every intersection in North Bay to all-way stop, so that tourists and citizens alike will have plenty of time to enjoy all of North Bay’s beauty.

“Stop in North Bay!” begins soon with the conversion of the Main Street West/Cassells Street intersection, and then will continue on to some 1200 other intersections before the close of 2017.

Some construction delays are expected.

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