Chris Mayne happy to win photo contest, still hoping for rescue

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY — City Councillor Chris Mayne says he’s “happy” that he won a recent Baytoday photo contest, but that he’d like to be rescued now.

After crashing his canoe somewhere on the shores of Wolf Lake, Councillor Mayne took a picture of his wrecked canoe and sent it begging for help, only to accidentally win a photo competition.   

The prize is a $300 hoodie, which Mayne says “will help with the colder nights if no one comes to get me.”

A long-standing Councillor with over 10 years at City Hall, Mayne’s hobbies include reading, playing the guitar, and until recently, safely paddling canoes and failing to land them on sharp rocks.

It’s unclear if Mayne’s hobbies include shelter-building, scavenging, or emergency boat repair.

When informed of his contest win, Mayne seemed cautiously enthusiastic.

“Sounds great,” reads Mayne’s text, “but I have 2% cell phone power left can someone come save me?”

“It’s getting cold and I think there’s wolves after me.”

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