North Bay celebrates Canada Day by filling in two potholes and then going home

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY — Over 150 years after the signing of the British North America Act, North Bay has commemorated Canada Day by filling in two potholes.

“It was tough picking just two,” says Grey Terrence, interim Chair of Engineering and Public Works. “There were dozens on Lakeshore, multiple on Main St. West, Cassells, Fisher, Trout Lake and just about every ‘main artery’ road in North Bay, but ultimately we selected two potholes on Pearce St. off of Airport.”

“They’ve been causing quite a stir up here. Certainly gave me a scare the other morning.”

Approximately 60 people showed up for the event.

“It took about an hour for a crew of 35 to fill both potholes,” smiles Terrence. “Which I’m told is a record.”

With both the potholes filled, Terrence and his team all lit sparklers, sang the national anthem, and then passed out a rubber boot to the stunned crowd in an effort to fund raise for more holes to be filled next year.

“We didn’t get much,” frowns Terrence. “Might be just one next year.”

“Anyways, Happy Canada Day.”

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