Group fundraising to create working BOMARC missile

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY — The BOMARC Missile is looking to make a comeback.

“As you know, the  BOMARC was a big part of the city,” says missile enthusiast Hank Sempers. “Only two place in all of Canada were given the BOMARC: La Macaza, Quebec, and North Bay.”

“From 1963 to 1972 the BOMARC Missile became not only a symbol of safety and prosperity, but a symbol for all of North Bay.”

With that in mind, Sempers and a small group of his friends have started a campaign to raise money for creating a full-sized, fully-functioning BOMARC missile.

“Originally, North Bay had 29 BOMARC missiles tipped with 10-kiloton nuclear warheads. We’re not that ambitious. We only want to create one, and we’ve decided to pass on outfitting it with a W-40 nuclear warhead. The price of plutonium is too high.”

“Instead, we’re hoping to give it a much less costly RIM-8A warhead, which is capable of a large explosion coupled with rod fragmentation technology to help produce substantial shrapnel.”

Better than the Avro

Sempers says the missile could attract more tourism and investment to North Bay. Even more, he says, than a replica of the Avro Arrow.

“People blame the BOMARC for destroying the Avro Arrow program,” smiles Sempers. “It’s true – it did. And good riddance!”

“When I think of the RCAF, I don’t think of some dumb white plane. I think of a beautiful white surface-to-air missile capable of supersonic speeds and lethal detonations.”

Those interested in helping Sempers reach his dream are encouraged to visit his Go Fund Me Page.

“Together, we can make history. We can resurrect this proud part of our past. And if somebody doesn’t like it we will have the means to launch a 45 foot, 16 000 pound missile capable of Mach 2 at them.”

“So watch out, Sudbury!”

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