Tragedy Strikes on Wednesday Night Bingo!

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY — Tragedy struck last night as the Wednesday night bingo game on YourTV got a bit tense. 

What happened was simple: in the second game of the night, announcer Craig Nodwell called I26 but the I25 graphic was displayed on the screen. 

“First it was the calls” said 2019 Bingo Riot Survivor and YourTV volunteer John Gladu, “then people started showing up! Banging on the windows and stuff.” 

The mistake reportedly happened at 7:27pm on November the 20th.  By 8pm it was chaos; elderly people started blocking the doors, and demanding their money back. 

“Instead of checking the board early on to see what the proper number was, and fixing it right away, they instead decided to hold out” says First responder on site Police Officer Jack McDougal.

“I called I26.  I never said otherwise.” said Nodwell, the Wednesday night Bingo announcer, “They asked early on, and I told them it was I26.  But for some reason they insisted on I25… Sounds like a conspiracy to me” 

“How could this happen!” shouts one elderly lady wearing a “Grannies Love Balls” charity event T-Shirt, “I paid good money for these cards!  I’ll be damned if I’m cheated out of money!” 

She later clarified that even with I25 or I26, she wouldn’t have gotten a bingo. 

The police dispersed the audience by 10pm at night, with minimal arrests.  

Once everything calmed down, the bingo game resumed as normal, just with a lot more swearing and nudity as it took on an “After Dark” vibe.  And over enunciating. 

Oh god was there ever over enunciating. 

You can catch Rotary Bingo every Wednesday at 7pm on YourTV.

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