“stocks up” on new article photos by reusing same image over and over

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY – is happy to announce that it will save “thousands of dollars” a year by modifying and reusing a single stock photo.

 “Stock pics cost a lot of money to buy,” explains writer and editor Jeb Bell. “Going out and taking photos is too much of an effort, so we have to rely on what we’ve got here in the office.”

But the days of paying money for fresh photos are now a thing of the past.

“We’ve found a way to both save money and present our loyal readers with eye-catching, memorable, and (most importantly) appropriate photos for each of our carefully-edited articles,” says Bell.

“It’s genius really – we’re going to reuse the same stock photo for every article, but make little changes so it fits.”

Beating the Cost

Baytoday’s most prolific stock photo, which features a black and white silhouetted man raising his hand against a similarly silhouetted woman, is by far the website’s most used graphic.

“Village Media paid US$67.96 to Shutterstock for that woman beating image, so we’re going to get every red American cent out of it that we can,” says Bell.

“For example, say we have an article about Doug Ford announcing a Stay at Home Order – well, we just add some weight to the man, throw in a visual prop, and voila! Article photo all set.”

Make Your Own

“Or maybe the local school is having a bake sale,” continues Bell. “Well – add in a few cakes, pies and cookies and you’re good!”

“Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Here’s the template.”

“If you post your best ones in the comments, might just use them in the future!”

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