Introducing Baymón – The North Bay Themed Trading Card Game!

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY – Erin Cashews has always loved card games.

“I grew up playing Rummy, Euchre, and Crazy Eights,” says Cashews, “and when I became a teen I started playing games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!”

“Then one day I thought – what if North Bay had its own card game?”

Baymón TCD

Enter Baymón, the newest Trading Card Game featuring cards modelled after local people, places, and icons.

“A Baymón deck is made up of Baymóns (attack creatures), Trainers (supports) and Stadiums (locations)” explains Cashews. “With 50 cards in each deck, the possibilities are endless!”

“For instance, I played a game yesterday where I won by playing 3 Steifers inside the 1st Avenue Stadium. With their combined Parole Skip and B&E skills, I overwhelmed my opponent’s Officons and Paroleapods and won in the fourth round.”

So far Erin has created 150 unique cards, which are quickly becoming a hit in the city.

“I have people calling daily for booster packs,” beams Cashews. “I think a lot of folks are hoping to find some of the rarer Baymón cards, like Fed-El-I, Tiggsy, Rotatonon, and the Cassells Tim Hortons.”


They might also be hoping to beef up their deck for the first ever Baymón TCD Tournament, set to take place August 21st.

“We’re expecting a big turnout,” smiles Cashews. “I’m so excited to see everyone yelling Baymón and throwing down McDonazards, Chirichus, and Vrebopuffs!”

The tournament’s grand prize of 2500 Northcoins is being donated by City Hall.

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