Dueling Musicians! Artist responds to Plummer’s ‘City Please’

From: Jennifer Hanson, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — An early January motion put forward by City Councillor Mac Bain to circumvent Ontario’s Endangered Species Act and develop local wetlands has been met with opposition and resistance.

Dozens of North Bay citizens have stepped forward to criticize the move, pointing to the Council’s reverence of money over life, including that of the Blanding’s turtles who call the affected wetlands home.

But few voices have been as loud and as beautiful as that of local singer-songwriter Jennifer Plummer.

Plummer’s song, “City Please,” takes Council to task for not “putting the natural world before those dollars you’re counting” and asks them to “revise their plan.”

To date, the video has received over 3000 views on Facebook and nearly 1000 on YouTube.

But another local musician is stepping up to counter Plummer with a song of his own.

Local rapper and author Ahawtboi has released a song called “Trtlesoup” which he believes presents a valid counter-argument to Plummer’s heartfelt plea.

“I’m 100,” says Ahawtboi. “Plum got people shook. Not me. This track just come out like it burning, man. Had to lay it out. Won’t be no let down. Plum-Plum, she good. She OG. But this track? It’s fire.”

Ahawtboi hopes the song will open up dialogue between both sides.

“No beef too big. You know? We a big city, so 705 better come alive for ‘Trtlesoup!'”

Ahawtboi’s track can be found below.


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