Animals rally against mandatory rabies vaccine

From: Mighty Max, community contributor

OTTAWA — Lucyfur, the Mildly Amazing Occasionally Obedient Rescue Mutt, organized a Freedom Rally today to protest mandatory vaccinations for rabies when crossing the U.S./Canada border.

As she headed out on her walk, more dogs joined the convoy and by the time she reached her destination, dozens of others had gathered in the park.

There was much howling of “FREEDOM!” (bark, bark, bark) but it soon became apparent that the focus of the rally had shifted, with many anti-leashers stealing the attention.

Also, some radicals demonstrated their “constitutional right” to defecate anywhere they liked, with no one stooping to pick it up. After all, they argued, does anyone stoop to pick-up cat poo, or bird droppings, or cow dung?

And some humans turned up simply to show their support for canines in general. Appreciated, but what about the vaccination mandate?

So although well attended, the original message of the rally—to protest mandatory vaccinations—had become quite jumbled up in a stormy sea of mangy causes. A classic case of muddled mutts.

Somewhat disillusioned, Lucyfur opted for the only reasonable course of action—head home and have a nap.

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