New “All You Should Eat” Buffet to open!

From: Darren D. MacDonald,

NORTH BAY — With times changing, business owners often have to change up their game to stay relevant.

With this in mind, local restaurant owner Todd Rodney says he is ready to follow the “lead set by the new 2019 Canada Food Guide” and open a brand new “All You SHOULD Eat” buffet.

“I’ve noticed over the years people are eating more and more,” says Rodney. “Go to places like Montana’s and McDonald’s and you’ll see that the meals are too big. It’s simply too much.”

Rodney is the owner of The Good Food Place in North Bay.

“Since day one, we’ve wanted to feed our customer good food. We didn’t want to make people feel excluded, so we offered more traditional fares like steak and pizza, too. But the 2019 Canada Food Guide has really opened our eyes as to what is good and what is not so good.”

“We’re simply taking this philosophy one step further with our new buffet.”

“Help People Eat Smarter”

Rodney explains that his restaurant’s new buffet is “really simple.”

Diners are given a plate and shown the new Canada Food Guide. From there, they go to the buffet where everything is divided into portions suitable for a healthy diet: from big bowls of salad to small half pucks of steak.

“We wanted the experience to feel like any other ‘All You Can Eat’ buffet, but with that comes challenges. People go to these things to eat A LOT, and we didn’t want our buffet to feel limiting, so we are pulling small tricks to help people eat smarter.”

“We have juices, soda and milk on our ‘Hidden Menu’. We have small plates so people think they have more than they really do. And if you go back for seconds or just grab all the half steak pucks, we have a team of judgmental elderly grandmothers ready to shake their heads at you in disappointment. No one likes disappointing grandma.”

The “All You SHOULD Eat” Buffet will be opening just in time for Valentine’s Day. Keep an eye open on their Facebook page for coupons and vouchers – perfect for that special someone or that friend you think should eat a little bit less.

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