Al McDonald uses last year at Santa Parade to spread joy, MLM pamphlets

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY – After winning the 2018 municipal election, North Bay Mayor Al McDonald made one thing clear – he would not be running again.

McDonald’s final stint as Mayor is “especially sentimental” because it is filled with lasts: the last election debate, the last stapler being smuggled out of City Hall down the front of Al’s pants, and now the last time McDonald will allow Santa Clause to ride on his Mayoral float in the Christmas Parade.

“Every year I would look out at the audience and know that they were all there to see me,” sighs McDonald. “I’m going to miss that.”

“As a final parting gift this year, I wanted to spread as much joy as I could.”

MLM Parade!

To do this, Mayor McDonald used the Santa Claus Parade to distribute

Multi-Level Marketing pamphlets pushing a potato salad made from a special ‘Mayoral Mayo’ and ‘City Sm-Hall Potatoes.’

“I wouldn’t call my Pinewood Potato Salad a Multi-Level Marketing scheme,” explains McDonald. “It’s nothing like that. It’s more of a Various-Floor Purchasing Arrangement.”

It is unclear whether or not North Bay is going to do a Santa Claus Parade next year explains McDonald, especially “seeing as Santa Clause might not have an official Mayoral float to ride on.”

Instead Santa might have to just settle for a spot in the mall, unless Al McDonald goes on another rampage with a hand crafted, locally sourced footlong candy cane rod from The Farm.

“Speaking of footlongs,” cuts in McDonald, “Let me tell you about the total transparency sandwich – all the flavour of a regular footlong, but with half the calories! Just sign here for a sample.”

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