Local cab company opens a driving school

From: thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — 50-50 Cab, the taxi company with a sterling reputation built on the punctuality, courtesy, reliability of its operators, and the acceptance of live organs as payment, has opened a driving school.

The 50-50 A1 Driving School for Drivers opened on Tuesday, with six senior cab drivers taking positions as instructors.

The school is a “great chance to grow” says 50-50 Cab A1 First Class trainer Carl Arm.

“We can teach new drivers how to drive properly and we can teach old drivers how to drive better,” says Arm. “What I’m proud of most is showing drivers how to shave seconds off of their driving times by using some official North Bay taxi driver tips and tricks.”

To test the new school, The North Bay Bay’s Philip St. George enrolled in an introductory hour-long class, priced at a competitive $172.65 ($4.65 for the taxi start, $2.80 per additional minute).

He failed, with a final score of 12/100.

St. George’s Report Card

Among Philip’s many mistakes were making 9 full stops at stop signs (-18 points), 7 counts of failure to tailgate (-14 points), knowingly using turn signals 17 times (-34 points), staying within 10 kilometers of the speed limit (-8 points), following proper all-way stop protocol (-6 points), and failing to pull a U-turn on Main St. (-10 points).

“Well, that’s the breaks,” explains Arm. “He just didn’t have what it took to be a cab driver.”

“I kinda figured he wasn’t ready when he looked over his shoulder before backing out. Rookie mistake, that.”

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