Printing error produces 30 foot Rob Boulet sign

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY — What is being called a “simple printing error” has produced a 30 foot election sign for Rob Boulet.

The sign, which is currently posted at the bottom of the overpass, measures 30 feet across and 22 feet tall.

“I guess they made a mistake,” says organizer Anna Robertson. “I put in an order for a thirty inch sign, but instead we got a thirty foot sign.”

“I’m not complaining – it only cost us 72 cents and it’s amazing, but I am a little worried about just how big it is.”

Like “Staring Directly Into the Sun”

Motorists have begun to issue complaints about the placard, which partially blocks the view of anyone turning right onto Lakeshore from Judge Ave.

“I’ve got nothing against Mr. Boulet,” says taxi driver Jim Rush, “but that sign is making it a little hard to see if there’s any cars coming. Also, it’s so orange I constantly feel like I’m staring directly into the sun every time I look at it.”

Nearby resident Marjorie Gillies says she enjoys the “healthy, mango-like glow” from the sign, but is worried it might be affecting the local Canada goose population.

“I’ve watched about a dozen fly into it,” says Gillies. “It doesn’t hurt them, but every time a goose hits the sign they’re dazed for a bit. They get the same look on their face that Mark King does when he’s trying to figure out what credit card to use for something important.”

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