Ford/Fedeli announce $3.3 million to flood proof Airport Hill homes

From: Nora D. Shadsworth, contributor

NORTH BAY —  Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Infrastructure Laurie Scott, and Nipissing MPP Vic “Feed Me Seymour” Fedeli announced Tuesday a $200-million investment into rural and northern community infrastructure. Touted as “climate change preparedness” funding, $3.3 million of the funds is set to be funneled into North Bay.

The announcement was made by Ford at the Stockey Centre in Parry Sound.

“We finally understand the science and realize there are some major challenges facing the planet, and facing the north in particular,” explained Ford. “So I am happy to announce, with my buddy Mr. Fedeli, that we recognize that we, as a government, need to step up and be the sorts of people that Gretchen Thornborg wants us to be.”

“For this reason, we are investing over three million dollars to flood-proof North Bay homes.”

Select Airport Homes

Minister of Infrastructure Laurie Scott explained that fifteen homes in the Airport Hill area will be selected to be raised on pillars to ward off damage by floodwaters.

“We’re helping people mitigate the effects of climate change,” said Scott.

Neither the minister nor Ford could say if they had ever visited the Airport Hill area but a spokesperson for Premier Ford did say that “any time we can protect vital infrastructure like an airport and a hill and an airport on a hill, from damage, we will do what we need to do.”

Local Reaction

Brenyan Llord of Northeast Watch, a local environmental watchdog group, was shocked by the announcement.

“There’s a scientific consensus that human-caused global warming is the biggest threat to our civilization,” exclaimed Llord. “Jacking up palatial homes already situated on top of a huge hill in a cockamamie bid to ‘flood-proof’ them is ridiculous. This plan does nothing to deal with global warming.”

Airport resident Richard Banyon of Oakridge Court is unhappy with the announcement.

“3.3 million dollars divided by 15 houses is only $220 000 each,” spits Banyon. “How are you raising my home on stilts for $220 000? You could barely lift my three car garage for that much!”

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