Local politician comes off bender, finds himself on 17 new boards

From: Jennifer Hanson, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — Local politician Ray Rappen has recovered from a six day bender to discover he is now a member of 17 new boards.

Among the 17 boards are the North Bay Real Estate Board, North Bay Police Service Board, Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee, North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority, Property Standards Committee, Waste Resources Liaison Committee, North Bay Public Library Board, North Bay Private Library Board, 100% Canadian Lumber Pressure Treated Board, Robot Brothel Workers of North Bay Board, Parental Advisory Committee, ‘Totally Not Racist’ Yellow Vest Committee, and the Model United Nations.

Despite now being the member of 17 different boards, Rappen promises he’ll give his full attention to all.

“I don’t see any conflict of interest or problem with being on 19 board simultaneously,” says Ray. “Every one will have my full attention so long as they pay me.”

In the meantime, Rappen says he has more pressing things to look into.

“I don’t want you to quote me on this, but have you seen my pants?” asks Rappen. “I mean, I’m wearing pants, but I don’t think they’re mine.”

“Has anyone seen my pants?”

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