Jennifer J. Hanson was born in and grew up in North Bay. Her favourite colour is purple, her favourite movie is The Color Purple, and her favourite M&Ms are the red ones. She is a Leo with a “fiery attitude and a short leash.” While she generally likes going to the movies, she sometimes finds the whole experience uncomfortable but necessary, like doing an oil change in a rain storm.

Darren D. MacDonald is a local filmmaker from Northern Ontario, best known for an Award Winning film you most likely haven’t seen. Darren enjoys filming, writing, music, and procrastinating. When Darren is not flexing his creative muscles, he spends his time being underemployed.

Philip St. George is an avid cyclist, cook, and cryologist, which is why he moved to North Bay from Tennessee six years ago. You might see him cycling around town, buying fresh ingredients, or stuffing snow into a chicken. His favourite artist is Elvis, who St. George hopes to see live someday.

XIII. A writer. An editor. An artist. A musician. A batman. A rocket man (burning fuses in solitude). A philanthropist. A friend. A hero. A zero. A mathlete. Just some guy/gal. A professor. A wearer of hats. None of it matters because XIII is mainly here to edit Darren’s articles.