Local rapper fighting Illuminati with children’s book

From: Jennifer Hanson, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — International rap sensation Ahawtboi, best known for his hit song “where da beauties at?” is penning a new children’s book.

Ahawtboi, real name Manchew Fronter, has spent the last 14 months writing a 7 page picture book. The work, tentatively entitled “THEY’RE STEALING MY BLOOD!” is the heart-warming story of a young boy who uses his well-written, expertly composed music to do battle with The Illuminati.

“Well ya, thats not the hole story” replied Ahawtboi to our e-mail. “Thats just the start. hes also got to fight radical vampire muslims and cults and stuff to. its a smart book and kids are going to like it and buy it I think.”

The children’s book, which also includes illustrations from Ahawtboi, is directly specifically at “the real bad Illuminati in north bay and the world.”

Fronter sent The North Bay Bay a few samples of the children’s title. When The North Bay Bay raised some concerns over the writing, Front quickly defended his work.

“you dont know, your not hard like me. maybe you guys are dumb or converted to islam or something but not me. forgive me for not settling for a bad book or a junky faker book. forgive me for having standards. this book is gonna change lives like my music does.”

Presumably, this includes some of his 54 Instagram followers.

“THEY’RE STEALING MY BLOOD!” is expected to be self-published sometime in early July. Fronter hopes that the “wads” of money the book brings in will help him “move out of his mothers basement, get some good hoes and buy a new hat.”

“But don’t publish that. it will hurt my image. gotta rep ya know?”

The title page for Ahawtboi’s new children’s book.

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